Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Things I Love About Being an OT

1. The great food. OTs always seem to have great food at gatherings. I don't know why, but if you want to eat well, find an OT potluck. They seem to occur frequently, so it might not be too hard to find one.

2. Our holistic approach. I love that I get to look at a person as a whole, and do not have to just deal with one part of the person. If I am seeing someone for physical issues, and something psychosocial comes up, I can address it. If I am seeing someone with psychosocial issues, and he or she also has physical issues, I can address them as well.

3. We are the good guys. Many other health related professions require the professional to convince the client to do things he or she does not want to do (e.g. taking medication, doing painful exercises). We have the luxury of working with people on the occupations they actually want to do.

4. We get to work toward the greater good. We get to help people make significant positive changes in their lives. I once worked in a job where I felt that I was only helping a rich company get richer. Helping someone reclaim his or her independence is so much more rewarding.

5. We work toward empowering people. I love that we don't make people reliant on us. If you teach a man to fish...

6. Every day on the job is different. Every client is different, and so we rarely use the same interventions. Each client requires us to take into consideration the client's individual strengths and deficits, the occupation needing to be done, and the environment it needs to be done in. I love that I get to use my brain.

7. I get to study everyday life for a living. I can't tell you how many "interventions" I have used to enrich my own life. I have also learned so much from my clients.

8. My clients let me into their lives and share their stories with me. I feel so privileged.

9. Nothing can stop us. You tell us something is impossible, and we just keep finding ways to adjust and adapt until we find a way that works.

10. OTs are great people. Well, I am sure there are some exceptions, but in general, OTs are a friendly bunch, who really like helping others. I have enjoyed connecting online with OTs worldwide, and am amazed at how much we have in common.

There you have it - my favourite things about being an OT. What are yours?

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  1. along the lines of studying everyday life-the scope of OT is enormous, and very fluid. It can take you wherever you want to go.



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